The words you found here are parts of you shared by me. Pain. Struggles. Frustration. Overcoming. Succeeding. My anxieties and yours. We all go through things at different times and we each look for someone who has been through what we are going through. Easier to cope if we can talk it out or at least feel like we’re not alone. You are not.

Welcome. Let it out. Embrace yourself and your pain. It is a part of how we grow. How we reflect on the things we’ve been through in order to move forward. When you stumbled on Spiritseid, you found a place where growing by sharing your thoughts and experiences and accepting you and your attempts to grow is strongly encouraged.

You are among Spiritual family. The only normal is the one you choose. Subscribe to stay. Leave by exiting the page, if you wish. As long as you stay respect the people and ideologies here.

Welcome. Be blessed.


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